Seasoned Javascript Geek

Breaking things since 2000

I’m an experienced web developer, woodworker and green-thumbed creative with a passion for creating beautiful websites, projects and lawns. I work quickly, efficiently and if I don't know something, I learn it. I am extremely motivated and thrive on working hard.

Support others. Stay positive. Embrace Change. Take Risks.

  • Javascript
  • Node
  • React
  • Redux
  • GraphQl
  • Elastic Search
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Keycloak
  • Auth0
  • Apollo
  • Flow
  • Webpack
  • Gulp
  • Storybook
  • NPM
  • MySql
  • Angular
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Karma
  • Enzyme
  • Drupal
  • SEO
  • Site performance
  • A/B testing
  • Jest
  • Lambda
  • Git
  • Firebase
  • Tealium
  • GA
  • KISSmetrics
  • Optimizely
  • FileStack
  • Balsamiq
  • InvisionApp
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • GtMetrix

Employment Highlight

Paint Nite, LLC d/b/a Yaymaker
Somerville, MA (Remote)

Senior Software Engineer -  - (Current)

Software Engineer, Front End -  -

  • Node
  • React
  • Express
  • Flow
  • Redux
  • Apollo
  • GraphQl
  • MySql
  • Sequelize
  • Elastic Search
  • Storybook
  • Webpack
  • Enzyme
  • Nightwatch
  • SEO
  • A/B Testing
  • HTML
  • SCSS

Worked with React, Graphql, Elastic Search, MySql and many other Javascript packages daily. Using Jenkins, Docker and other tools to help our team with deployments, I delivered countless new features and improvements to all of our codebases.

Brought unit testing to our client projects taking advantage of packages such as Enzyme, Jest, Chai, Nightwatch as well as Flow for our static tests. These changes were baked into our git-flow using pre-push and pre-commit hooks.

Collaborated with the Project Manager to define the development process using Kanban as the core. Created new ticket types, improved our swimlanes, and increased the efficiency of our meetings.

Participated in phone screens, interviews, code challenges, and resume reviews in order to help build our technology department.

Major Project Highlights

  • Full rewrite of our main web app

  • • Converted a Java & Angular app, to Node & React
  • • Releasing incremental changes - page by page. This allowed for a safer and smoother transition
  • • Localized content
  • • More extensive Google Analytics tracking, powered through Tealium
  • • Executed an innovative search design that highlights both landscape and portrait paintings.
  • • Search was powered by a GraphQl query which leveraged Elastic Search
  • • Used/Created a shared components NPM repo
  • • A year or so later: We had two different sister-brands either with their own technologies. We needed to easily bring Plant Nite into React world. To do this we made our main Paint Nite app deployable as either 'Paint' or 'Plant'. Each had its own custom copy, assets, and styling for each brand and saved us a lot of time and QA effort.

  • Storybook for our React Components

  • • Worked with design to develop components based off of Sketch symbols
  • • Bundled up with Webpack and Rollup and published to NPM
  • • Fully unit tested.
  • • 4 separate apps use these shared components
  • • 100% code coverage with Jest and Enzyme

  • Reskin and refactor of our user-facing admin portal app (Backstage)

  • • Upgraded to the latest packages for dependencies such as React and Apollo.
  • • Faster to spin out new pages since we decided to go with Ant Design for our component library.
  • • Used Flow type checks
  • • Implemented Keycloak, and later on, Auth0

  • Part of a large rebrand of the company: Paint Nite ==> Yaymaker

  • • Releasing incremental changes - page by page. This allowed for a safer and smoother transition
  • • After many/most pages were deployed we pulled the plug and made the switch over one early morning
  • • This project sparked many smaller projects, such as SEO, Site Performance, new features like searching updates and landing pages.
  • • Used a more concise and streamlined style guide that allowed for faster development

  • Developed an in-house, server-side rendered, A/B Testing platform

  • • No flicker due to server-side rendering, or custom any CSS needed
  • • Connected to Google Analytics Reporting
  • $600k annualized lift with one of our first tests. (New filter design)
Site Performance / Optimization / Tracking

  • Images and other static assets
  • • Used new GraphQL endpoints to automate the optimization of all our images, including SEO friendly paths and alt attributes

  • Code Splitting and more
  • • Significantly reduced bundle size using Webpack.
  • • Removed duplicate or bloated node modules and unused code
  • • Tied a code audit into our development process
  • • Used Webpack to render Critical CSS in the head
  • • Addressed 5xx's, 4xx's and 3xx's
  • • Significantly reduced the number of HTTP Requests made
  • • Implemented lazy loading by creating an RenderOnVisible React component.

  • S3/Cloudfront caching and compression

  • SEO
  • • Worked closely with a consultant to help identify and address issues.
  • • Quick fixes such as meta tags, alt tags, Hx’s, etc.
  • • Generated sitemap that ran daily helped significantly with our event detail pages.
  • • Created a shared URLs package with graphql partials that ensure our urls were always canonical
  • • Middleware for inactive landing pages with proper redirects
  • • Nightwatch E2E tests to catch some basic SEO regressions
  • • Used GtMetrix as an additional montoring tool.
  • Screaming Frog helped us minimize redirects, identify broken links, fix missing H1's, identify issues with our Robots.txt and sitemap, and much more.
  • • Used NPM package to handle UGC links rel=”ugc nofollow”

  • 3rd party scripts
  • • Lambda function to assist with our SEO objectives. 3rd Party Scripts were minified, cloned, cached and served from our own S3 bucket. A Slack integration alerted us whenever this function ran.

  • Elastic Search
  • • Brought more use to our search page as well as other pages
  • Fuzzy matching and auto-complete. Able to search against many different resource types in one search box
  • • Setup tools for the team to easily update/copy/remove/etc our indices and migrate data up/down environments
  • • Worked to replace Google Maps Places API with in-house ES version which decreased API costs by approximately $87,000 yearly

  • Tealium (Powered by Google Analytics)
  • • Created a shared library of tracking function, constants and other helpers to ensure we dont have regressions with our tracking
  • • 100% Unit and integration tested
  • • GraphqQl query partials ensured that all data needed was retrieved
  • • Great configuration makes it simple to update how the data is transposed
  • • Custom components to simplify the adding of new tracking events

Additional Experience

  • Vsnap - Software Developer (Boston, MA) -  -

    Node.js / Angular.js / NPM / Gulp / Karma / Lint / Bower - Agile Development - Jira / Slack - Test-Driven Development - HTML5 / CSS3 - Minor backend/API bug fixes (Node.js) - Responsive across all modern devices and browsers - Wireframed in Balsamiq - User tested for UX/UI - Designed HI-Res mockups in Photoshop (side project) I was also very lucky to have built a life-size Doctor Who TARDIS to be a quiet space for recording vsnaps and to take phone calls.

  • Freelance Web Developer - Web Developer -  -

    Wordpress, EJS, jQuery, CreateJS, Static HTML, Email Templates, Heroku, GA

  • Acidotic Racing - Web Developer (Seacoast NH) -  -

    Angular, Firebase, Custom CMS

  • PICA Manufacturing Solutions - Web Developer (Derry, NH) -  -

    Designed and developed PICA Manufacturing's website to allow visitors clear and easy access to the company's brand, value propositions and general information. Also created new landing pages, trade booth designs and generating new customer leads through email marketing, Google Ads/Analytics, and custom landing pages. - Website Design & Development - User Testing - Tradeshow Booth Design - Brochure Design - Logo re-design - Folder Design - Pop-Up Banner design - White Paper Template - PICA About Video - PicaKit Video - Mailchimp - WuFoo

  • Central Midori - Web Developer -  -

    S3, CloudFront, EC2. Static HTML with Gulp and hosted Wordpress for Blog.

  • Marilinda Garcia for Congress - Web Developer (New Hampshire) -  -

    My primary role with this campaign is to create a website where voters have access to latest news, social media links and general campaign information. Other responsibilities include: graphic design, photo editing and logo design.

  • Startup Institute - Product & Design (Boston, MA) -  -

    Selected by Startup Institute in a highly competitive process to attend an intensive training program focused on developing the core skills in product & design to have a meaningful and positive influence on a startup's objectives. - HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript - Product Management - Responsive Design - Organizing a Design Project - User Centered Design & Whiteboarding - Wireframing & Rapid Prototyping - Typography

Wonderful things people have to say about me

  • Stephen is a great developer that excels in many qualities often overlooked

    He possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and "go get it" attitude that allows him to confront any challenge head on. He goes above and beyond to take initiative to research problems and solutions to not only his own projects and tasks but to problems in the business overall. Having worked remotely with Stephen I can attest that he is a great communicator. Remote teams present many challenges but Stephen has a knack for keeping communication lines open and keeping information flowing among the team. Maybe most importantly, Stephen is a great learner. He is both great at receiving criticism and giving back constructive criticism. He never takes things personally and instead sees things objectively as opportunities for personal growth or of doing what's best for the team as a whole.

    Konrad Zalewski - Coworker @ Paint Nite

  • Stephen's impeccable work ethic and dedication to drive projects to their completion has made him a valuable asset to the team.

    I have had the pleasure of managing Stephen for four years. Stephen's impeccable work ethic and dedication to drive projects to their completion has made him a valuable asset to the team. He takes ownership for his work and he is committed to finding solutions to complex problems. As a remote employee, Stephen's excellent communication skills allow him to create a team atmosphere and drive collaboration amongst fellow engineers and QA. His passion for delivering quality products to customers, attention to detail, and partnership with Product Managers have enhance our product consistently. It was a true pleasure to work with Stephen.

    Danielle Pillion - Supervisor @ Paint Nite

  • Stephen has unstoppable energy and enthusiasm.

    He has a deep intuitive understanding of design and how it translates to the web, recognizing in seconds issues that might normally take several iterations to uncover. He's a highly collaborative team member with top-notch execution who constantly works to raise the quality around him. He's fast, efficient, and delivers immaculate results. And in all that, he's cheerful, fun, and a joy to work with. I can't recommend him highly enough.

    Chris Chambers - Coworker @ Paint Nite

  • Stephen is one of my most valued colleagues

    [...] and nobody can bang out CSS faster or better than him. In his time with Paint Nite [Yaymaker], Stephen has successfully evangelized technologies like Less, Gulp, and Angular, which alongside his spectacular problem-solving ability have radically improved every aspect of our product. It is my privilege to work with Mr. Young, so much that I can overlook his barbaric preference for soft tab indentation when editing HTML. He is a consummate team player: even though in terms of capability, he is an army of one.

    Winfield Trail - Coworker @ Paint Nite

  • I have worked with few developers who are as knowledgeable, passionate and effective at creating beautiful and engaging user experiences as Stephen has at Paint Nite.

    Stephen is not only highly skilled and agile, but he also has excellent people, communication and leadership skills which make him a pleasure to work with, and an invaluable part of any web team. As lead developer at Paint Nite, Stephen not only demonstrates a mastery of web technologies, but also a commanding grasp and deep understanding of business goals and cross-functional initiatives. Stephen has been a key contributor to the success of Paint Nite's 'Next Gen' product launch, and has been a valued and respected member of the organization. On a personal level, Stephen has a great sense of humor, contagious creative energy, and has lots of hidden artistic talents. :)

    Katelyn Friedson - Coworker @ Paint Nite

  • Stephen is a passionate, driven and talented developer.

    His love for programming is clearly visible in his tireless dedication to a project and his artistic abilities and creativity only add to his effectiveness as a front end web developer. Stephen and I first worked together when he was brought on as an interim-developer at Vsnap while he planned a move from Boston, MA to Austin, TX. He quickly picked up AngularJS (a front end framework that was new to him) and demonstrated so much ambition that he was hired as a full time front end dev despite the fact that he would be moving and have to work remotely. As a member of the Vsnap dev team Stephen was always happy to pick up any task that needed doing and never shy about working on things that were outside of his comfort zone. He as always very helpful if I ever had a question and very open to discussion when deciding the best way to tackle a problem. I would highly recommend Stephen and would love to work with again if the opportunity presented itself.

    Ryan McDonald - Coworker @ Vsnap

  • Stephen is super talented and hard working, and he's also just a wonderful guy and an amazing team member.

    He has the creative spirit of an artist and the work ethic of a coal miner. Absolutely a guy who amplifies the energy and brings great things to any team. He brought so much to our product at Vsnap, and it's a true pleasure to recommend him.

    Dave McLaughlin - CEO @ Vsnap